December 15

Last Chance To Learn How To Avoid Burnout Before It’s Too Late


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December 15, 2020

Discover the most valuable tips to avoid feeling emotionally exhausted

Burnout is real and it’s not talked about enough. It can lead to increased stress levels, fatigue, and mood changes. There are a number of factors that lead to exhaustion and stress, but they should not be the reason you stop doing what you love.

As a father of two, consultant, digital marketer, friend, and human who’s enduring the stress of 2020, I know firsthand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

There have been times when I’ve felt too tired to go for a walk, a simple activity I used to love doing. Instead, I would spend the time reflecting on what was making me feel so drained.

Rather than spending your days worrying about feeling run down, follow these 5 tips to become an expert on burnout, and prevent feeling exhausted in the future.

Rest Your Body

The easiest way to avoid burnout is to get enough sleep. It’s recommended that adults have about 7-9 hours of sleep daily. If your sleep schedule is cut short, 30-minute naps are proven to increase productivity, mindfulness, and energy levels.

Fuel Your Mind

Food is energy for the body. Without the proper fuel, the body will feel run down and will not work at its highest potential. Remember to fuel your body with protein, nutrients, and healthy fats such as lean meats, dark greens, and nuts.

Get Moving

Walking, jogging, running, skipping… you name it. Any form of exercise is great for increasing blood flow to the heart and brain. Exercise improves your mental health, mood, and sleep.

Use the World as Your Classroom

Experiencing the world is the greatest way to unhinge from reality. Use the world as your classroom and the people as your textbooks. Take this time to soak in other cultures and reflect on why life is important.

Be Still

Take 5-10 minutes each day to step away from technology and other stressors. Use this time to focus on your breathing and remind yourself what you are grateful for. Set short-term and long-term goals and redefine your version of success. This time is for you.

In the end…

There will be days when climbing into bed after a long day of work seems more appealing than filing taxes. There will be mornings where we’ll snooze our alarms and say “UGH! 5 more minutes!”

But as a father, marketer, and friend, I’ve learned to manage and control my stress, so I can keep doing the things I love. Now, I no longer worry about feeling run down. Instead, I go outside for my daily walk and listen to podcasts or call family members.

Being intentional about how I care for my mind and body has helped me reduce my stress and increase my sleep and mood.

These 5 easy tips changed my life, and they can change your life too.

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