“Tactics without strategy is like having gourmet ingredients without a recipe.”
- Antonio Thornton

Eversource Consulting Group is a strategic growth firm that specializes in helping organizations grow...from the inside out.

We take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to solving both simple and complex business challenges by looking inward versus outwards.

Every great organization has their core offering and typically that's where their focus is. They put on their blinders and drill down and perfect one aspect of their business.

As it should be.

However, those blinders create blind spots...and that’s where we come in.

We all have them. They’re not “bad” or “weaknesses”.. They’re just normal occurrences that can only be overcome by outside intervention.

Eversource Consulting Group is a unique strategic growth firm. Our specialty is helping organizations identify their HiROs which stands for hidden Revenue opportunities.

We help you uncover hidden assets, underperforming activities, overlooked opportunities, underutilized distribution channels, and undervalued relationships and transform them in to exponential growth for your organization.

We connection the dots that have always been right there in front of your eyes, but have been “two close to see.

Exponential Growth….from the inside out.

Found Money. . .

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